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Veda Development is the premier development shop in St. Louis specializing in Web Application and Website development.

We leverage pragmatic tools like Ruby on Rails to deliver applications that change the
way you do business.<

We recently launched a portfolio site for Interior Designer Jimmy Jamieson. Custom CMS using Ruby on Rails on the backend and a good use of XHTML, CSS and Javascript on the front end.

Jamieson www.jamiesondesign.com

Recent tweet:

@kylecordes it really depends on the requirements of the site/design/end user of the CMS... but one to take a look at is Silverstripe – @aaronhinni

Technologies we Rock:

Besides Ruby on Rails, we are well versed with other goodies like Javascript, PHP, Perl, Ruby without the Rails, C/C++, Objective C, Smalltalk, Erlang, and the list goes on and on.